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We now offer our own support. Our logged in clients can benefit from a professional support via our ticketing system. It is located in the “My Account” page, under Support. One can also access it via the interactive icon. If one is not logged, he can use our contact form to prompt us at any time. Once logged in, requesting support via tickets becomes available. Here is how to access it:

The support icon will appear on every page, so that you can raise your ticket at any time. Once a ticket is raised, there are two categories that can be chosen. Support Request and Migration Request:

1. Support Request includes general inquiries regarding one or more Cloud VPSs. Support for different servers must be requested in separate tickets. The support includes:

1.1 General support – For example, if you don’t know how to create a new website we can explain it and point you towards the proper article in our KnowledgeBase. We will also soon add video tutorials on each article, for easier understanding of how easy it is to use CyberPanel to setup your own hosting.

1.2 Troubleshooting of known issues –  For example, if there is an error while creating a new website or issuing SSL, we can take a look in the logs and make sens of the errors show, thus giving you more insight on the matter. 

1.3 WordPress support – as we are specializing in WordPress, we can troubleshoot issues regarding known problems, like plugin conflict, basic configuration, etc. We will try to fix the issue or the least point you in the right direction, regarding resolving it. For example if during update, the website crashes and it is due to Plugin incompatibility, we can diagnose which plugin it is and disable it for you. However we can’t solve any custom code issues and we will advise you to consult with a developer. Keep in mind that CyberPanel has its own automatic backup system, that is very easy to configure, thus making sure that you have recent backups if anything goes wrong. Also each server comes with SSH access and pre-installed WP Cli for easier troubleshooting.

1.4 Security setup – We can assist you in configuring the server firewall, so that it is using only SSL protocols for free. We can also assist in configuring CyberPanel to open only on Hostname and not IP address, thus further protecting it. More about that you can see here: Accessing CyberPanel through https://

In the near future we will offer additional security services such as penetration testing, threat evaluations and daily scans for vulnerabilities and malware.

For better protection we advise using CloudFlare DNS zone. Registering in their platform is free and without the need to pay anything you can create free zones for each of your websites. CloudFlare offers IP reverse proxy protection, application firewall and DDoS protection. CyberPanel also comes with full CloudFlare integration, by using their API and synchronizing the DNS zone. For one to achieve some of these in the native NS that come with CyberPanel, they need to be registered at the domain registrar.

The Support Request ETA is up to several hours, depending on the workload. However we will try responding ASAP.

2. Migration Request 

We will migrate your websites for free in your new Cloud VPS, powered by LiteSpeed and CyberPanel. At the moment, we support WordPress websites only. All you need to do is provide us with the required information regarding the method of migration, access to the old host and on which VPS here you want to migrate the website. For each website a separate Migration Request must be created. CyberPanel supports their own staging, so creating a testing environment is as easy as making several clicks. Once the migration is completed, you can point the website to our IP in external DNS zone, such as CloudFlare or registering your own NS. More on that you can find here: Registering Private NS at Namecheap.

The Migration Request ETA is up to 24 hours, depending on the workload.

If you are not logged in, you can always contact this promp: