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2.1 Issuing SSL for a domain

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Before installing SSL for a domain, it will need to be pointed via A record for both @ and www to the server IP. For example if the domain is (@) and the server IP is, in the DNS zone of two A records needs to be added. If the domain is new most likely they will need to be created. If the domain is already resolving from another host, then they can be modified. In some cases, instead of an A record for www, a CNAME is created that points www to @.

Keep in mind that after the records are modified a propagation will start from the new IP, which might take up to 24 hours to complete. However in most cases it takes no more than 12 hours. At any time the propagation can be checked by using online tools such as Input the domain, choose A record type and hit Search. If the IP accross all probed locations is the for your VPS, the propagation is completed. If there is another IP or X then there is something wrong. The server IP will be visible within your account with VACloudHub or within the hosting panel.

In general there are two options allowing the issuing of a SSL within CyberPanel. One is during the website creation. However if the website is not pointed to CyberPanel’s IP, then it will fail to generate the certificate:

The other option is after the website is created. However it will still have to be pointed to the server’s IP:

There two more options in the SSL tab. One is for issuing an SSL for the hostname and the other is for the mailserver.