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6.2.2 Automatic Remote Backups

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CyberPanel allows you to schedule and send backups to remote locations (Daily/Weekly).



For automatic remote backups to work there are two requirements.

You need a VPS or dedicated server.

Your remote VPS and or dedicated server must have rsync installed on it.

If you have these two requirements met, you are ready to go. Please make sure you also have root access on the VPS.

Add/Delete Destination

We first need to add a remote destination where backups will be sent.

Main > Backup > Add/Delete Destination

You can follow this article for more information: Add/Remove Destinations for Incremental Backups

Schedule Backup

Main > Backup > Schedule Backup

Backups can be scheduled for both Full and Incremental.

Choose the destination (local/remote), choose the cycle (daily/weekly) and what to be backed up (incremental) or where to be backed up (full).