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6.1.2 Create/Restore Incremental Backups

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CyberPanel version v1.9.1 adds supports for incremental backups, currently following destinations are supported:

Local (local destination is added by default, there is nothing needs to be done).

SFTP (SFTP Servers need to be added)

S3 (AWS S3 keys need to be added)

If you want to add backup destinations read our earlier tutorial. In this document, we will see how we can create a local or remote incremental backup.

From sidebar click, Add/Remove Destinations

Step 1: First select the website you want to create a backup for.

Step 2: Select the location of this incremental backup.

Step 3: Select what do you want to backup, you can individually backup:

       Data (If you only select data, everything under /home/ will be backed up)

       Email (This will only backup emails and they are located under /home/vmail/

       Databases (This will back up all the databases)

All these things will get separate snapshot ids, using these snapshots you can restore data, email or databases to any point in time.