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4.1 Manage DNS

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CyberPanel ships with a DNS server, which lets you do following things:


Create Nameservers
Create DNS Zone
Delete Zone
Add/Delete Records

Create Name servers

There is a dedicated page which lets you create Name Servers. If you use this page to create name servers than DNS Zone for this domain will also be created.

This page is a simply utility to create name servers in a user friendly way. DNS zone for this domain will automatically be created, all you have to do is fill all the fields, example values can be:

Domain Name:
First Nameserver:
IP Address (First NS):
Second Nameserver:
IPAddress (Second NS):

After creating name servers on your server, you have to create or register them with the domain registrar. Here is how they can be registered with NameCheap.

After adding these records at your domain registrar, you can use following name servers with all your domains whose DNS is managed by your server.

By creating a new website, a DNS zone is automatically created for it. DNS zone can also be created for a non-existing website.

Create DNS Zone

Before you can use “ADD/MODIFY DNS Records” page you have to create DNS zone first, this is the first step to start using the DNS server.


Add/Delete Records

Once DNS zone is created you can add or delete records using this page.

Currently Supported Records: