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3.2 Creating a website

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Creating website is the first step towards management on CyberPanel.

Main > Websites > Create Website

Then fill in all the fields, they are self-explanatory, but let see some example configuration:

1. Select the package for this website, CyberPanel comes with a default package however you can create your own.

2. Select Owner for this website, if an owner is other than admin than this site can be managed by that selected user as well.

3. Enter your domain.

4. Enter email.

5. Select the PHP version, you can also later change this.

6. If SSL is checked CyberPanel will try to obtain Let’s Encrypt SSL if it fails self-signed SSL will be issued which can also be changed later. (CyberPanel will fail to obtain SSL if domain is not yet pointed to the server).

Finally press Create Website and website will be created.