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2.2 Issuing SSL for CyberPanel (hostname)

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Please also check 2.1 Issuing SSL for a domain. In order for SSL to be issued for the hostname, from which CyberPanel will resolve, it will also have to resolve from the server’s IP address. More about choosing the right hostname can be found in Why does one need a hostname for its VPS?

After choosing the hostname and pointing it in the DNS zone to the server’s IP, an SSL can be issued for it. First it will have to be created as a website within CyberPanel, but don’t choose SSL to be installed on it:

After that head to SSL->Hostname SSL, choose the website and issue SSL. That will automatically map the hostname to the server’s IP and the panel will be available through Furthermore, the port 8090 can be forwarded to 443 to further secure the panel. How to do that can be seen in 2.3 Accessing CyberPanel only through https://