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WHy us?

We are working with one of the fastest Cloud VPS providers out there, creating a complete self hosting package.

Why VPS?

We believe that in today’s dynamic world, having a private Cloud Server for your websites is the way to go, in managing your business.

Is there a panel?

Yes, all our Cloud VPS come with installed and configured CyberPanel. It comes with OpenLiteSpeed and LS Cache.

Do we have support?

Yes, we offer support via Ticketing System, available for registered customers.

About us

Who are we?

As a startup, VACloudHub is focused on the future. And the future is Cloud VPS. For little above the price of a shared hosting, our clients receive a fully configured private server, ready to host their websites. No need to worry about any of the other 1k+ websites overloading the shared server. If by some chance the VPS’s resources are not enough to keep up with the websites, it can be easily scaled. Scaling the VPS by adding RAM and CPU power is as easy as pressing a button.

The secret of a successful business

The foundation of a successful business lies on a well developed website. The latter itself has three very important foundation points.


First of all, a website needs to be fast. Thе VPS’s that we offer run on Premium SSD storage. If a website is well optimized, it should be faster than any shared hosting.


A website has to be well optimized to perform at its fullest. CyberPanel with LS Cache can offer the ultimate performance.


The secured connection is essential for google. They will index with priority the SSL configured websites. CyberPanel comes with the option to install Let’s Encrypt free SSL. The time for purchasing expensive SSL’s is over.